Monday, 6 January 2014

On Happiness

So, the paradigm we are currently living in teaches us that in order to ‘be’ something, we first have to ‘have’ something.  What most of us want to ‘be’ is some form of “happy”.  (Yup, lots of quotation marks...sorry).  But in order to ‘be’ happy we are taught that we need...something...that new car, that big house, the right job, that perfect spouse, scads (that means lots) of money.  Just watch any any are a loser unless you buy their will only be happy if you buy our ‘thing’...hooray for consumerism/capitalism!!

The problem is, if your ‘being’ happy, is based on ‘having’ something....there is always more something...which means you are never really happy.  Big business loves this idea...but you don’t ... and society doesn’t.  The bigger problem is that this paradigm is not only is completely backwards.
‘Having’ does not generate ‘being’ fact it is the other way around; first you must ‘be’ happy, then you live life from this state to discover that you attract the things that you want.  Yes...there is a creative process to the universe, and our society has misread it and screwed it up...and we have been distracted enough to buy into the mistruths that our societal leaders have taught us.
Yup...fake...just like that...or this...
How about a real smile?
OK...sorry...little distraction...let's get back on track shall we?
So many people believe that if they had just a little more money/love/time/stuff then they would be truly happy.  We are led to believe that there is a direct connection between being happy and having stuff.  This paradigm actually works against the natural creative process.  Think of someone you know who is happy all the time (most of us know at least one person like this) is interesting that they seem to have all that is important...all the time/money/love/stuff...that they need.  They find everything they need to be happy, by being happy.
Wow!  Well that might work too, but that is not what I am getting at here!  OK, OK, let's get serious again...
So your next question is likely, “Yeah,, how can I ‘be’ happy when I don’t have the stuff that makes me happy??”  First of all, let’s recognize that if you are asking this question, it means that you are buying into untrue paradigm that says you need to buy ‘their’ stuff in order to be happy.  That is wrong.  It is time to believe that you are much more than what the old paradigm has taught you.  The truth is that you already have already have everything that you need to be happy.  It is within is part of who you are; you won’t find it elsewhere, you just have to draw it out from your self, you just have to be who you truly are.  It is about being aware that you are not the seeker of are the source of happiness.
I can prove it.  Get ready...this may actually be the greatest secret of the universe...or at least the greatest secret of life.  Are you ready?  This is it...”Causing another to experience what you wish to experience proves that you are the source of this experience, not the seeker!”
Read that again, before we go on.  This is the essence of the new paradigm.  Instead of seeking for what you want, seek ways to give away what you want.  This leads to the truth, and the real secret of happiness... “If you want to be happy, cause another to be happy!”  It really is as simple and powerful as that.  (The universe is as simple as it is powerful.)

Now, logic tells us that if you are giving something to another, you must already possess this something.  So, you must already have happiness, if you can give, if you have it, and can give it, why can you not provide it in your own life?  You can!  You just have to learn how...and the trick to learning how is just to give it to others frequently and intentionally.  As you do it over and over again, it becomes your start ‘being’ happy more and more.  Once you start ‘being’ you become aware that you have engaged the creative engine of the universe, and you come to know what is are the source of all that you want.
Think about it, your life has taught you that you experience prosperity more when you share it with others.  All of history’s greatest teachers have preached this is the golden rule itself, “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”  This is not just a nice little is a profound instruction on how life works!
So get out there, and be making someone else happy...

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