Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Petrodollar

Someone recently asked me to explain the US Petrodollar to them.  Well there is a whole lot more to this thing than you might be initially aware fact, the existence of this Petrodollar is responsible for much of what we see happening in the global economy and current events.  However, today's media gives little coverage to this topic, so here is my attempt to summarize this little drama...

To start we actually need to go back to 1944.

Well, no that's a different thing.  I'm talking about Breton Woods, New Hampshire where leaders of 44 Allied nations met in 1944 to create economic order after WW II.  The main points to come out of this conference included:
  • It was agreed that the US dollar would be recognized as the world's reserve currency.
  • The US dollar would be convertible to gold at a fixed rate of $35 per ounce.
  • The US promised not to print too many dollars as this would create inflation in the new system.
This system worked great for 25 years.  However, the new agreement created a very strong global demand for US dollars, and of course with a growing demand for US dollars comes a need for a larger supply of dollars.  Plus, the US was experiencing poor fiscal and monetary decisions resulting in mounting debt on top of the $200 billion Vietnam War.  In fact, Washington displayed little fiscal constraint and lived far beyond its means; America and its citizens were living excessively at the expense of other nations.  As these nations began to doubt the US's ability to manage their finances by 1971 they began to cash in their dollars for gold.

How did the US respond?  They panicked.  On August 15, 1971 President Nixon reneged on the Bretton Woods agreement, and refused to give the partner nations their gold for their US dollars.  To the global nations, this was outright theft.  However, the system had made the US a military global superpower (this was one of the areas they had overspent on) that could bully the worlds nations at will.

OK, enough foolishness...back to business...

Now in order to stabilize their dollar and their economy, the US needed a new game to create another artificial dollar demand.  That happened in 1973 when President Nixon and the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger came to a powerful agreement with Saudi Arabia.  In this agreement, the US would offer military protection for Saudi oil fields, provide the Saudis with weapons, and guaranteed protection from Israel in return for the for two simple terms:

  1. The Saudis would only accept the US dollar as payment for their oil exports, and
  2. The Saudis would invest their surplus oil proceeds in US treasuries (basically this meant they would 'loan' this money indefinitely to the US at minimal interest).
By 1975, ALL of the OPEC nations had agreed to join this agreement!!  The Petrodollar was born!!  And global artificial demand for US dollars soared as demand for oil increased around the world!

And now you know why the US maintains a major military presence in so many Mideast countries.  Maintaining the petrodollar system became and still is the American empire's primary goal, for if the artificial global demand for the US dollar made possible by the petrodollar were to ever crumble the massive amount of dollars held by foreign nations would come back to America and the result would include the following:
  • with excessive dollars in the US system extreme inflation would occur...prices would become outrageous...
  • to combat inflation and reduce the money supply there would be an immediate dramatic increase in interest rates...
  • people with adjustable rate debts would be crushed; massive layoffs would occur as business could not afford to borrow; stock prices would plummet.
And this is a best case would likely be much worse; and this is where the true evil starts to show.

Several Mideast countries began threatening to dump the petrodollar.  On September 24, 2000 Saddam Hussein announced that Iraq would accept the euro for its oil exports.

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Centre buildings fell, and George W. Bust had the full support of his nation for a full scale invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coincidence??  You be the judge.  Within weeks of the invasion of Iraq, all Iraqi oil sales were switched from the euro back to the US what cost is human life??  Hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, most of them children...for a dollar??  Who is the real evil empire??

It isn't over yet.  More recently other countries have pushed back against the US.  Most noticeably Iran, along with Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and Pakistan.  The US has been leading the world into pressure these countries into submission, and has inflicted punitive economic and political sanctions in its attempt to do so.  However, China and Russia both are sympathetic 'allies' to these mideastern nations....and can the US really afford to make enemies of these two powers??

So there you have the continuing story of the Petrodollar.  However, would the American government be the only loser, with the collapse of the Petrodollar?  In fact, the American government is not even the source of the real evil...just the puppet and deliverer of it.  To find the real source one only has to follow the money...and this is the source for a future post!

Monday, 6 January 2014

On Happiness

So, the paradigm we are currently living in teaches us that in order to ‘be’ something, we first have to ‘have’ something.  What most of us want to ‘be’ is some form of “happy”.  (Yup, lots of quotation marks...sorry).  But in order to ‘be’ happy we are taught that we need...something...that new car, that big house, the right job, that perfect spouse, scads (that means lots) of money.  Just watch any any are a loser unless you buy their will only be happy if you buy our ‘thing’...hooray for consumerism/capitalism!!

The problem is, if your ‘being’ happy, is based on ‘having’ something....there is always more something...which means you are never really happy.  Big business loves this idea...but you don’t ... and society doesn’t.  The bigger problem is that this paradigm is not only is completely backwards.
‘Having’ does not generate ‘being’ fact it is the other way around; first you must ‘be’ happy, then you live life from this state to discover that you attract the things that you want.  Yes...there is a creative process to the universe, and our society has misread it and screwed it up...and we have been distracted enough to buy into the mistruths that our societal leaders have taught us.
Yup...fake...just like that...or this...
How about a real smile?
OK...sorry...little distraction...let's get back on track shall we?
So many people believe that if they had just a little more money/love/time/stuff then they would be truly happy.  We are led to believe that there is a direct connection between being happy and having stuff.  This paradigm actually works against the natural creative process.  Think of someone you know who is happy all the time (most of us know at least one person like this) is interesting that they seem to have all that is important...all the time/money/love/stuff...that they need.  They find everything they need to be happy, by being happy.
Wow!  Well that might work too, but that is not what I am getting at here!  OK, OK, let's get serious again...
So your next question is likely, “Yeah,, how can I ‘be’ happy when I don’t have the stuff that makes me happy??”  First of all, let’s recognize that if you are asking this question, it means that you are buying into untrue paradigm that says you need to buy ‘their’ stuff in order to be happy.  That is wrong.  It is time to believe that you are much more than what the old paradigm has taught you.  The truth is that you already have already have everything that you need to be happy.  It is within is part of who you are; you won’t find it elsewhere, you just have to draw it out from your self, you just have to be who you truly are.  It is about being aware that you are not the seeker of are the source of happiness.
I can prove it.  Get ready...this may actually be the greatest secret of the universe...or at least the greatest secret of life.  Are you ready?  This is it...”Causing another to experience what you wish to experience proves that you are the source of this experience, not the seeker!”
Read that again, before we go on.  This is the essence of the new paradigm.  Instead of seeking for what you want, seek ways to give away what you want.  This leads to the truth, and the real secret of happiness... “If you want to be happy, cause another to be happy!”  It really is as simple and powerful as that.  (The universe is as simple as it is powerful.)

Now, logic tells us that if you are giving something to another, you must already possess this something.  So, you must already have happiness, if you can give, if you have it, and can give it, why can you not provide it in your own life?  You can!  You just have to learn how...and the trick to learning how is just to give it to others frequently and intentionally.  As you do it over and over again, it becomes your start ‘being’ happy more and more.  Once you start ‘being’ you become aware that you have engaged the creative engine of the universe, and you come to know what is are the source of all that you want.
Think about it, your life has taught you that you experience prosperity more when you share it with others.  All of history’s greatest teachers have preached this is the golden rule itself, “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”  This is not just a nice little is a profound instruction on how life works!
So get out there, and be making someone else happy...

Friday, 3 January 2014

Human Origin Revealed 4

“You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”  C.S. Louis

Soul Searching
Upon reading the translations of the tablets, researching the works of Sitchin and Tellford, and how much these matched up with other ancient texts...the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Killbrin Bible, the Nag Hammadi texts, the Chinese I-Ching, the teachings of Jesus, Buddha...and so on...  These collective works served to crystallize my doubts that scholars/society/ at the direction of politics and religion over the last 5 thousand years had taken the wrong path, making gods where none had existed.  With this incorrect path established as a foundation, further discoveries and inventions continued but confused the secular with the religious, turned palaces into temples, and customs to rites.  This early mistake fed avidly upon itself to where, the Anunnaki became gods, with the commanders becoming GOD...while the true God, the Source of All, (even as the Anunnaki describe ‘him’) became unknown to all but the mystics.  Now for me, a human man (is there such a thing as a non-human man??) setting out to discover the reason to be, this research answered some questions...but raised so many more.



Anyways...nothing really answered where the Anunnaki went, why they left, or if they did indeed leave.  Some researchers believe they may still be here, continuing to enslave us in our current system.



In his research Michael Tellinger suggests that one of the possibilities the Anunnaki left is that they discovered that the man they had created was more than just an animal; that man’s true essence included a soul, a spirit of energy.  Now I know that we are all taught something about our souls, at some point in our lives...but it is usually clouded with some sort of religious or disciplinary context (or both) and doesn’t really make a lot of logical sense.  And most science and scientists refuse to broach the subject.  So, in my own research I stumbled upon the work of Michael E. Newton.



Ooops!  Sorry, wrong Newton.

Michael Newton is a hypnotherapist who has worked with over 7000 clients taking them into past lives, or more importantly the place in between lives; a place of love, peace, and joy, where one’s essence (consciousness, soul, spirit?) can learn about just about every aspect of our life.  This would include why we chose our parents, our life’s path, and most importantly define the very reason for our existence on earth.  As this research shows, our earthly existence is an opportunity to progress our soul...our soul is our true self...and the human body is a vehicle for the soul.  As a soul, we are guided by a loving council of elders to choose an earthly existence that will help our soul to learn and progress.  We are supported by a loving soul family, some of which may even join us in our earth experience.  The earth experience is like a school...and opportunity for the soul to learn...about love, about humility and opportunity for the soul to progress and grow in positive energy.  And this growth is perpetuated more through a challenging experience on earth, rather than an experience of comfort and leisure (we could stay in ‘heaven’ for that).  Newton’s work defines that we, as souls, choose our experience on earth...we choose our families, we choose the challenges we will face, we choose our life’s path that will give us the opportunities to learn and progress our soul in the direction we wish it to grow.  At the heart of it all is tremendous love and compassion…we are never judged as traditional religion tells us.  It is fascinating work.

It is fascinating because it answers so many of life’s hard questions.  Especially questions of why bad things happen.   Before we’re born, we agree to play certain roles, sometimes to help our soul to progress, sometimes to help others.  For example, this is well illustrated in the regressions where a person lives a life during the holocaust. The individuals who were tortured and died in the camps talked about what they learned from those lives, and how the situation was actually worse for the perpetrators, souls who had chosen to live a negative (evil?) existence in order to help the victims learn.  The work even helps to make sense out of those things that just don’t seem to add up…like the suffering and death of children.

So this work answered many of the questions I was searching to answer…and more.  It not only confirmed that we humans have souls, but it made it clear that our true essence is our soul.  To put it properly, we are not humans who have souls; we are souls choosing to live a human experience.  But this knowledge also lead to more questions. Many more, deeper and more important…so off I we go to find the answers…
Read on! 



Human Origin Revealed 3

“The planet is fine.  The people are fucked” – George Carlin
Human History...Rewritten?

And so our story know from Chapters 1 and 2 where Enki and Ningishzida had given their newly created species (humans) the X and Y sex chromosomes in order to give the humans the ability to procreate.
While the new Earthlings were living, working, and procreating in the Abzu, Adamu and Ti-Amat were brought to the Edin to live to preserve their DNA, and gave Enki the opportunity to teach them.  However, Enlil was furious that the ‘slaves’ had been given the ability to procreate.  He was not happy with the creation of the new species in the first place, but now that they had been given the essence of intelligence and life was more than he felt he had agreed to.
Ningishzidda pacified Enlil by explaining that the Earthlings were not given a complete genome, which resulted in them not having eternal life.  “Knowing for protection they were given.  The branch of long living was not given to their essence tree.”
Enlil was not comforted, and he demanded “Then let them be where they are needed, in the Abzu away from the Edin, let them be expelled.”  Enlil was very clear about the limits that he wished for the humans’ development, and that he wished to oppress and control the slaves, while Enki wanted to impart knowledge to his creation.  As it turns out the serpent (the symbol for the double stranded DNA) was Enki, the creator of humankind, and Enki was held out as evil by the frustrated Enlil.  In short, yes, Enlil was a bit of a dick.
So after one Shar (3 600 years) of the humans procreating, and working as commanded, the Annunaki were relieved of their work in the Abzu.  The Annunaki were also procreating, and they had children who had never seen their home planet.  It was a virtual paradise for the Annunaki; a beautiful planet, and a slave race to carry out the toil of their mission and to attend to their needs.  However, Nibiru was approaching and its gravity was causing a disturbance.  “In the heavens Nibiru was approaching, the Sun’s abode it was nearing.  Upon the Earth the warmth was rising, the rains were heavier, the snow white parts to water were melting.  In the Lower World the snow white hued place the Earth was grumbling.”
Nibiru also caused many rocks to be dislodged from the asteroid belt and dragged them on its orbit causing them to collide with the inner planets and Earth’s moon.  As Nibiru passed by, Earth survived the meteor onslaught, however the moon took heavy damage, and the damage to Mars was severe.  The atmosphere on Mars was damaged and a portion of the planet’s crust had been stripped away, making the Annunaki base there inoperable.  Enki and Marduk went to the moon to consider building a base there, but the lack of atmosphere made it unsuitable, so they decided to build a “Bird City” at Sippar in the Edin.  Meanwhile, the humans continued to procreate and now outnumbered the Annunaki.,  They were beginning to scavenge for food in the wild, beyond the rations their masters provided.  They began to revert back to their wild origins, and Enlil, still unhappy about the creation of the new race, demanded that Enki get his creation under control.  (Did I mention that Enlil was a bit of a dick?)
Well, Enki was no fool.  In an attempt to make his creation more civilized he personally impregnated two (yes that right, two...I think I saw a movie like that once) Earthling females; one bore a son, the other a daughter.  Enki was elated.  “Between Annunaki and Earthling conception was attained.  Civilised man I have brought forth.  A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness.”  He told his wife that he found the babies floating in a basket on the river (seriously...she bought that), and took the children to raise as his own. 
Yeah...something like that...
Anyways...these children were the first Homo sapiens sapiens and the future of the new civilised species to inhabit the planet.  And this is the origin of another story to be copied into the Bible regarding the birth of Moses.  (Remember that this writing predates the Bible by at least 2000 years!).
Enki named the two new Earthlings Adapa and Titi, and evetuntually Adapa and Titi gave birth to twin sons.  They called them Kain and Abael.  This explains the proper origin of Bible’s rendition of Cain and Abel.  Kain was taught about farming the land and harvesting crops.  Abael was taught about raising animals and building enclosures for them.  Then when the first harvest was complete, Kain and Abael were called before Enlil and Enki to serve them.  Here we have the first offering to the gods, and this mentality of sacrificial offerings as a sign of obedience would be forced on humans by the Annunaki for thousands of years.
In time Kain and Abael became rivals, and they began to argue about who had the more important job.  Then Abael’s sheep invaded Kains fields to graze.  Soon the petty argument escalated into a physical fight and Kain snapped, picking up a stone, and repeatedly striking Abael in the head with it, killing him.  So, on this point the tablets support the story in the Bible.
So, there is no doubt that murdering your brother is a serious offence.  The Anunnaki agreed, and deliberated on how to deal with Kain.   Eventually they decided to expell him from Edin to fend for himself.  Hence, the tablets tell the story of Kain and Abael in a way that answers questions not provided by the Bible.  Furthermore, the tablets tell that Adapa and Titi went on to have 60 offspring in total. (Yeah, they were busy...and didn't have to pay for college back then!).
And as the human numbers expanded, the Anunnaki taught them the basics of civilization.  Writing, counting, making fire with furnaces, smelting, art, music, well digging, of the stars and constellations.  Enlil dispatched his son Ninurta to find the clans of Kain and teach them as well, and they became the early Andeans of South America and Natives of the Americas.  In time, as the humans populations grew and learned, the Anunnaki and Igigi males started to desire the human females.  (Doesn’t quite seem fair does it?...Find your own damn women!)
In fact Marduk desired, and married a human female, which angered Anu, Enki, and Enlil; to the point where they banished him to Egypt...where he ruled as the god Ra.  (There is more to this as we will touch on later).  The Igigi used the wedding celebration as an excuse to come to Earth and espouse human females.  This of course enraged Enlil further, and they were also banished.  Some went to Egypt to become the original pharaohs, many went farther east settling over Europe becoming the original Aryans forming the basis of the Indo-European civilization.
Even Enki was charmed by the beauty of the human female, Batanash, who was the spouse of the human slave master Lumach.  Enki seduced her and they bore a son Ziusudra (who was the individual the Bible called Noah).  Enki and Batanash kept Ziusudra’s paternal origin a secret.  The tablets describe the child as being very white, very blonde, having brilliant bue eyes, and to be highly intelligent.
Of course Enlil, never in agreement with the creation of humans from the very start, was even unhappier with the species intermixing.  In case you haven’t determined it yet...Enlil was the vengeful god of the Bible.  As the tablets continue the story, Nibiru was nearing the sun in its orbit and its approach was affecting Earth.  In response to frequent tremors and quakes the Annunaki set up monitoring devices to observe the poles and found that the glaciers were falling into the sea.  The Annunaki scientists warned Enlil that the Earth was set for calamity as Nibiru approached. 
Enlil prepared the Annunaki and the Igigi for evacuation.  However, he made it clear to them that those who wanted to leave had to do so without their human spouses.  Some wished to stay and moved to higher ground.  Many Annunaki returned to Nibiru, some waited on ships orbiting Earth.  It is interesting to note that all of Enki’s and Enlil’s sons chose to stay behind.  Ninmah also chose to stay, stating, “My lifework is here.  The earthlings my created I shall not abandon.”
A fierce argument broke out between Enlil and Enki regarding the fate of the humans.  However, as commander of Earth, Enlil had the final call, and he made all of the Annunaki take an oath, which would lead to the destruction of humankind.  “Now that a calamity by a destiny unknown has been ordained, let what must happen, happen.  Let the earthlings for the abominations perish.”  The tone of the Bible’s god of vengeance is now perfectly clear.
However, Enki remained defiant, believing “A wondrous being by us was created, by us saved it must be.”  Enki and Ninmah collected all the specimens that would allow them to recombine all the life forms they had created on Earth.  But that was not all; the tablets go into great detail about how Enki guided his son Ziusudra with precise plans to build and seal a boat that could survive submerged, and who and what to take onboard.  Enki warned Ziusudra of the overwhelming deluge that was coming and that all land and life would be devastated.
The flood arrived as expected, along with extensive seismic activity.  The tablets description of the event is so detailed and descriptive that the observations had to be from orbit.  But Ziusudra and his ship survived the flood, and as the waters subsided the boat eventually settled on mount Ararat.  Enlil, Enki, and Ninmah landed to assess the damage, and Enlil finding Ziusudra’s group was furious that any humans had survived.  However, Enki and Ninmah convinced him that if humans did survive that it must be the will of the Creator of All.  The tablets note that the distinction between fate and destiny was of the utmost importance to the Anunnaki; and that destiny was the will of the Creator of All and must be followed with reverence.  So persuaded, Enlil gave in to the will of the Creator of All and instructed Ziusudra’s group to “be fruitful and multiply.”  Ninmah, who loved her human creation, promised the humans that “the annihilation of mankind shall never be repeated.”
The flood had buried the whole of Mesopotamia under mud and silt.  Entire cities were gone.  The only structure that remained was the landing place in the Cedar Mountains (now Baalbek in northern Lebanon).  (Note of serious interjections here...seriously...Balalbek and the impossibly huge hewn stones still exist today!).  Its sheer megalithic size, (impossibly enormous even by today’s standards!!) and the fact that its altitude was much higher than all the other settlements, allowed it to survive the flood, and provided a place that the Anunnaki could continue to use and land safely back on Earth.
Mars was also devastated.  The Igigi arrived announcing that Mars’ atmosphere was sucked out, the waters evaporated and left as a place of dust storms.  Nibiru itself also suffered greatly...the shield of gold dust was torn, the atmosphere again dwindling.  This, of course, left the Anunnaki desperate; with the need for gold as great as ever, and all of their workers killed by the flood.
However, they stumbled upon good news.  Ninurta surveyed the planet again, this time finding great deposits of gold in Central America (what is now Bolivia and Peru).  Great gold deposits had been uncovered by the flood...pure gold that did not require mining, or smelting.  The tablets go on to describe how the Anunnaki chose the plains at what is now Nazca as their landing and take-off site.  This explains the presence of the Nazca lines that have challenged archeologists for centuries.  Also, Ninurta found the descendents of Kain living in the region (the original Incas), so now they have workers to assist them.  At this stage, even Enlil was happy that humans had survived the flood.
So with the new gold operation in effect, the Anunnaki decided to rebuild their original settlements in Mesopotamia.  However the flood had moved so much mud and silt that so many of the original land markings had been covered, moved, or destroyed.  A new landing site had to be that could not be affected by another calamity.  So the talented Ningishzidda (known centuries later as Thoth by the Egyptian civilisation, the god of science and knowledge) designed, planned, and undertook the building of the pyramids of Giza.  The pyramids would serve as indestructible landmarks to make up part of the landing grid of landmarks for the Anunnaki pilots.  “Where a second set of twin peaks was required, mountains there were none...only a water-clogged valley from the ground protruded.  Artificial peaks thereon we can raise.”  The tablets go on to describe how the pyramids were built; how Ningishzidda built a smaller prototype to test his calculations (the smallest of the three pyramids), and why they were built and positioned as they were.
To honour the structures and the builder they agreed to build a monument with the face of the builder and the body of a lion, to symbolize the age during which it was built; and so the Sphinx came to be, “Towards the place of celestial chariots gazing.”
Humans had began to multiply again, and were regularly mixing with the Igigi and Anunnaki.  Throughout the time of the rebuilding, Marduk grew increasingly upset that his brother Ningishzidda was getting all of the glory.  The tablets note there were several violent confrontations among the Anunnaki, describing battles involving sophisticated weaponry; most of the conflict instigated by Marduk and the Igigi.  Through this conflict, Marduk lost both of his sons, making him even more bitter. 
As the Anunnaki conflicts continued, Marduk and his followers made many enemies, escalating to the point where an Anunnaki council determined that Marduk was hunted to be killed (especially by Inanna, granddaughter of Enlil, as Marduk was involved in the death of her spouse.  Hey, I only have so much room...I can’t cover everything in the tablets!).  Marduk sought refuge by hiding in the Great Pyramid; however, in doing so he ended up locking himself in.   It is interesting to note that the tablets detail the description of the Great Pyramid, from the smooth finish that covered the building blocks in ancient times, to the detail of the inner passages...all of this long before the Pharaohs existed.  (Current historians claim that the Pharaohs built the pyramids.)  Anyways, some of the Anunnaki wanted to leave Marduk in the pyramid to die, but it was decided that he would be rescued then sent to exile with his followers.
With this development, the lands had to be reassigned.  Ningishzidda took over Egypt, and Inanna took over the Indus Valley regions.
Also, becoming clear in the tablets through this time, is that the humans began to worship the Anunnaki and Igigi as gods; however the ‘gods’ continued to perceive humankind as more or less animal and somewhat disposable.  However, the Anunnaki were becoming concerned with the proliferation of the humans; there were once again more humans than Anunnaki, and with the conflict among themselves they needed to ensure that they keep the humans obedient.  However, they could not agree on how to deal with their human conundrum, so they requested that Anu come to Earth and solve the problem.  (Yeah, leave it up to Dad to solve the problem...)
The wisdom and advice of Anu led the Anunnaki to, once again, debate on the difference of Fate and Destiny, and again came to the conclusion that the creation of the earthlings continued to be destined by the Creator of All.  (Lucky for us, eh?)  As such they decided that “The Earth to the earthlings belongs, and to preserve and advance them we are intended.”  So the Anunnaki taught the humans more about civilisation, including how to build their own cities, how to build temples to worship their ‘gods’, and introduced kingship and priesthood.  The king, appointed by the Anunnaki was to enforce the will of the Anunnaki on the humans...introducing the method by which the gods would control humans.  The priests were taught ‘secret’ knowledge, to further civilize earthlings, and to worship the Anunnaki in the temples.  At this time the region of the Sinai Peninsula was declared out of bounds to humans, as the ‘Place of the Chariots’ reserved for the Anunnaki.
Also, Anu met with Marduk, and Marduk convinced Anu of his regret over how his actions had caused him to be outcast.  So Anu pardoned Marduk.  (Apparently Anu was a bit of a soft touch...).
Anu met Marduk in South America.  The Anunnaki there had prepared a golden city for Anu’s visit to display the abundance of gold in this new land.  Anu was very pleased with this, and before he departed he gave his final instruction to the Anunnaki, “There is gold here enough for many Shars.  Give mankind knowledge to measure the secrets of heaven and earth.  Teach them laws of justice and righteousness.  Within a few Shar we may depart and leave.”  A few Shar to the Anunnaki may have been nothing...but to humans one Shar equals 3600 years.  ‘A few Shar’ would have brought the Anunnaki through Biblical time right to our present time.  Let me come back to this point in a moment (or a few paragraphs).
So, the Anunnaki followed their king’s instruction.  Humankind was taught further skill and civilization by their gods.  The period that followed has become known as the time when civilization suddenly emerged...and now we know why.  Every settlement had a temple designed to worship and make offerings to their Anunnaki god.  The role of the high priest was to ensure that their god was looked after (each god had a preferred menu and would eat several times per day), and in return the priest would be given further knowledge to convey to the populace.  Somehow, over the last few thousand years much of this got twisted, spawning man-made religions.
The Anunnaki also continued to quarrel...and often drove their human followers to fight on their behalf, as becomes very clear from many of the scriptures of the Old Testament.  However, we now know that there was not only one god, there were many, but each instructed their human followers to not worship any other god.
A perfect example, of many from the tablets, again involved Marduk.  Marduk became enraged (again...yes definite anger issues) that he was not granted command of the planet following the pardon from Anu.  He believed that Enki had promised him command at the end of the age.  So he decided to build a sacred city of his own, and called the Igigi and his human followers to build this new city; a city that would reach the sky.  This new city was Babylon, and Marduk planned to build a tower to head the heavens so that he could declare himself ‘god above the rest’.  Enlil, of course was not impressed, especially with the fact that Marduk had involved humans to work against the other gods.  Enlil had his followers ”rain fire and brimstone from their skyships.”  Then Enlil, “Henceforth their counsel to confuse; their language I shall confound, that they will not understand each other’s speech.”  And, once again, Marduk was banished.  So, the tablets put the Bible’s version of the ‘Tower of Babel’ story much more into context, and makes historic sense. 
In fact, the tablets put so much of the Biblical Old Testament into perspective.  The Anunnaki ‘gods’ used humans not only as a slave species, but as soldiers to fight and die in their wars and quarrels.  Humans were disposable pawns.  When we read that ‘god’ instructed a Moses or an Abraham to attack certain groups of other humans, citing that they were evil and conspiring against god, they were simply fighting for Enlil against Marduk’s followers.
And the tablets continue.  Now that he was booted from Babylon, Marduk returned to Egypt and took control from his younger brother Ningishzidda (who was known as Thoth in Egypt) and began building a dynasty as the god Ra.  Marduk instituted some serious changes at this time.  He replaced the likeness of Ningiszhidda on the Sphinx with that of his own; he changed the method of counting from sixty to tens; he divided the year into ten units; he changed the measurement of time from based on the moon to based on the sun; and finally he instructed Narmer, as the Scorpion King, to unify northern and southern Egypt.  In doing so he instituted Pharaonic reign.  Marduk had his followers invade other lands in the Abzu, mostly his brothers’, and make them one with Egypt.  Marduk still sought to rule the Earth (hmmm... was he a bit of a slow learner?), and proclaimed such to all of the other Anunnaki.  This infuriated not just Enlil this time, but all of the Anunnaki.  Even his own father, Enki could not talk sense into him.  Marduk believed that, in the heavens, the age of the Ram was replacing the age of the Bull and that this was a sign that he was destined to take over reign of the Earth from Enlil. 
Marduk set out to ensure his destiny through force and war, attacking the lands of other gods, and pitting other Anunnaki against each other.  These clashes continued for almost 3000 years, and always involved humans who never knew the reasons for waging war on their neighbours, but had no choice but to follow the instructions of their brutal gods.  Each god proclaiming that he was the only true god, and demanding that his humans worship only him.  Much of this history is captured in the Bible.  But the tablets make it clear that this history had nothing to do with the eternal spiritual ‘real’ God; but rather the control of a number of vengeful more intelligent beings abusing humans for their gain.  And as advanced as we think we are today, we still have not elevated ourselves above this primitive behaviour.
In fact, if we can step back and objectively view our religious literature as a historic record, we can see that this period of Anunnaki struggles set the birth of the many different religions in the world today.  And a truly objective read of the literature exposes it as a manipulation of humans into blind devotion to a particular god.
Finally, once and for all, ultimately, at long last, in the end (whew!!) Marduk (who had grown increasingly powerful) had just done too much to piss off all of the Anunnaki and it was decided that the only way to stop him was to obliterate all of his cities and human followers.  The decision was made to use their “weapons of terror” on all of Marduk’s followers.  By this time Marduk’s only real opposition was Enlil.  Enlil had developed a loyal and trusted general named Abraham to lead his battles, dispatch his vengeance, and build up a wealth of human followers to be terrified into worshipping and following the commands of their god of vengeance.  What follows is the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorra, except that the tablets give us much of the detail that was left out of the Bible.  Again, it is important to remind ourselves that these tablets were written centuries before the Bible was written.
In total, there we seven weapons of terror.  As the bombing began, the tablets tell us in detail of the effects...the words presenting a perfect description of nuclear weapons.  The skies darkened, extreme winds blew, death to all that lived delivered on this wind.  The extent of this ‘Evil Wind’ caught even the Anunnaki by suprise; it was unstoppable destroying and killing everything in its path, forcing even the Anunnaki to retreat.  Ironically, the only city to survive the devastation was...Babylon.  “Where Marduk supremacy was declared, by the evil winds was spared.” 
To the Anunnaki, this was a miracle; and a clear sign of destiny that Marduk was meant to rule.  Enlil and Enki were tired, the years and something in Earth’s environment had aged them.  They gave in to the obvious sign of destiny, they had done what they deemed the expense of humans, and had was time to go home.  And they did.
However, Marduk was left as a bitter(yes, still bitter), brutal dictator over the humans.  The tablets tell of his rule went forth demanding sacrifices of gold, food, animals, and even humans.  Which explain the practice of human sacrifice among some ancient cultures...and some of the practices of other sacrifices among current cultures.  However, this is where the translations of the tablets come to an end; giving way to Biblical history, literary history, and oral history of other cultures.
Now...upon learning of this took some time for me to absorb the incredible implication of it all.  Really...have we been lied to all of our lives...generation after generation???  Can we be so gullible and ignorant of a race to continue to fall for such deception???  As I asked myself this question, a veil lifted from my mind’s eye revealing the answer...a big “of course”.  Perhaps we were genetically bred to follow as lemmings.  As I pondered earlier, as advanced as we think we are long ago was Mao, Hitler, Bush.  What about today??  What is the pupose and point to the current wars we are involved in??  Why do we continue to believe the lies of big pharma, big oil, the federal reserve???
More questions...where are the Anunnaki now?  Have they really left?  Will they come back?  Have they already?  Are they leading and directing our current wars, our big businesses?  Are we still their slaves??  Are we conditioned to get up each day, go to our jobs to support our gods??  Is there more to our lives than that?  What of the ‘real’ God??  Have I found any of these answers??
You may be chapter...