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Human Origin Revealed 4

“You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”  C.S. Louis

Soul Searching
Upon reading the translations of the tablets, researching the works of Sitchin and Tellford, and how much these matched up with other ancient texts...the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Killbrin Bible, the Nag Hammadi texts, the Chinese I-Ching, the teachings of Jesus, Buddha...and so on...  These collective works served to crystallize my doubts that scholars/society/ at the direction of politics and religion over the last 5 thousand years had taken the wrong path, making gods where none had existed.  With this incorrect path established as a foundation, further discoveries and inventions continued but confused the secular with the religious, turned palaces into temples, and customs to rites.  This early mistake fed avidly upon itself to where, the Anunnaki became gods, with the commanders becoming GOD...while the true God, the Source of All, (even as the Anunnaki describe ‘him’) became unknown to all but the mystics.  Now for me, a human man (is there such a thing as a non-human man??) setting out to discover the reason to be, this research answered some questions...but raised so many more.



Anyways...nothing really answered where the Anunnaki went, why they left, or if they did indeed leave.  Some researchers believe they may still be here, continuing to enslave us in our current system.



In his research Michael Tellinger suggests that one of the possibilities the Anunnaki left is that they discovered that the man they had created was more than just an animal; that man’s true essence included a soul, a spirit of energy.  Now I know that we are all taught something about our souls, at some point in our lives...but it is usually clouded with some sort of religious or disciplinary context (or both) and doesn’t really make a lot of logical sense.  And most science and scientists refuse to broach the subject.  So, in my own research I stumbled upon the work of Michael E. Newton.



Ooops!  Sorry, wrong Newton.

Michael Newton is a hypnotherapist who has worked with over 7000 clients taking them into past lives, or more importantly the place in between lives; a place of love, peace, and joy, where one’s essence (consciousness, soul, spirit?) can learn about just about every aspect of our life.  This would include why we chose our parents, our life’s path, and most importantly define the very reason for our existence on earth.  As this research shows, our earthly existence is an opportunity to progress our soul...our soul is our true self...and the human body is a vehicle for the soul.  As a soul, we are guided by a loving council of elders to choose an earthly existence that will help our soul to learn and progress.  We are supported by a loving soul family, some of which may even join us in our earth experience.  The earth experience is like a school...and opportunity for the soul to learn...about love, about humility and opportunity for the soul to progress and grow in positive energy.  And this growth is perpetuated more through a challenging experience on earth, rather than an experience of comfort and leisure (we could stay in ‘heaven’ for that).  Newton’s work defines that we, as souls, choose our experience on earth...we choose our families, we choose the challenges we will face, we choose our life’s path that will give us the opportunities to learn and progress our soul in the direction we wish it to grow.  At the heart of it all is tremendous love and compassion…we are never judged as traditional religion tells us.  It is fascinating work.

It is fascinating because it answers so many of life’s hard questions.  Especially questions of why bad things happen.   Before we’re born, we agree to play certain roles, sometimes to help our soul to progress, sometimes to help others.  For example, this is well illustrated in the regressions where a person lives a life during the holocaust. The individuals who were tortured and died in the camps talked about what they learned from those lives, and how the situation was actually worse for the perpetrators, souls who had chosen to live a negative (evil?) existence in order to help the victims learn.  The work even helps to make sense out of those things that just don’t seem to add up…like the suffering and death of children.

So this work answered many of the questions I was searching to answer…and more.  It not only confirmed that we humans have souls, but it made it clear that our true essence is our soul.  To put it properly, we are not humans who have souls; we are souls choosing to live a human experience.  But this knowledge also lead to more questions. Many more, deeper and more important…so off I we go to find the answers…
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