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History of the US Federal Reserve Bank

So recently I was asked about the US Federal Reserve Bank, how it came to be, and exactly what it's role is in the American and world economy.  Especially after the post about the deficit crisis.  Well the truth is that there is a lot more to this topic than the average person realizes.  And if we are to unabashedly talk about the truth....the truth is that the Fed (that is an endearing nickname apparently) is likely the most fraudulent, purely evil institution perpetuated on the people of the world in all of history.  (WTF you say?....Why swing for the fences right off the bat??...Well....lipstick on a pig, still a pig so let's call it as it is...).  Anyways, the history of a central banking system goes much farther back than many realize, and it really is quite a strap in and is all real, true, and scary.  Even scarier than this...

Yikes!!  Anyways...Here goes... 

First, it is important to understand that the end purpose of a central bank is to so enslave the people of a country to a debt money system that the perpetrators can collect taxes/interest payments in perpetuity (that means forever).  the first recorded history of this concept goes as far back as reign of King Kandalanu of Babylon (648-625 B.C.)...I told you it went way back!! 

According to historical records the Egibi family was a prominent family during this time.  They were one of the Jewish families first taken into captivity into Assyria, then migrated to Babylon (more historical record...sorry, but when you study history, it is amazing how you can build the picture of where we, as a global people, and our 'systems' truly originate...guess our high school history teachers really were right!!).  Anyways, Jacob Egibi may be the founding father of private banking...built a powerful banking business in Babylon, teaching other Jews in captivity the business practice.  These were, in fact, the money changers that Jesus Christ (yes, more actual history), threw out of the temple.  How well do you know your history??  What happened to Jesus 4 days after booting the money changers out??  Do you think He knew what this business would eventually develop into (in fact...shouldn't he really know everything???)?? 

Anyways...onward.  The banking/loan sharking business, charging interest rates of 30 - 50% survived into the Roman Empire...then, after the fall of the Roman Empire, into Egypt and the Arab nations.
 Then during Renaissance...when banks began into Europe many kings despised usury and enacted anti usury laws. 

However, circumstances in the year 1694 resulted in significant developments. King William III accepted a deal from a cartel of wealthy men led by a man named William Patterson.  The deal had the King borrowing  1,200,000 pound sterling (equal to about $6 million) at 8% interest and on two conditions; one, that the king would grant the cartel the name "The Bank of England" and two, this bank would have the exclusive right to issue notes. 

Well woopdy doo you say...what's the big deal??  Well, the significance of notes is that it granted the "Bank of England", a group of regular (but rich) dudes, the legal right to print all of the money to be used by the people and the government.  Basically, if they needed money they printed it; or if people or government wanted money, they had to go to these 'dudes' for it.  By 1698 (count em...that's 4 years) the British government owed these 'dudes' 16,000,000 pounds sterling.

Sorry...can't go anywhere on the internet without a dang cat pic, can you?

OK...let's continue.  Now, the real date of infamy is 1773.  This was when a wealthy goldsmith named Mayer Amschel Bauer aligned himself with Adam Weishaupt, who is considered to be the founder of the Illuminati (seriously), with a 25 point plan to control the entire world.  Bauer later changed his name to Rothschild (which means 'red shield'), to represent the red sign of his business.  (This red shield is now the official coat of arms of Frankfurt Germany...interesting side note, eh?) 

Anyways, Bauer, now Rothschild, had 5 sons, whom he each dispatched to a major European city (Frankfurt, Vienna, England, Naples, and Paris) to establish a branch of the Rothschild banking firm.  Each son was very successful taking over the banking of each of their new countries.  In fact, by 1850 the Rothschild's owned more wealth than all of the families of Europe combined.  The Rothschild's success was rarely 'scrupulous'.  For example, Nathan Rothschild managed to wrest control of the Bank of England from William Patterson (remember him above??) is how: 

Nathan Rothschild was an actual observer at the Battle of Waterloo on the very day the Duke of Wellington defeated Napolean.  Rothschild knew he could make a fortune with this information, so he paid a sailor and huge fee to take him across the English Channel in bad weather.  Knowing that it would take some time for the news of Napoleon's defeat to get to England, Nathan deceived investors into believing that Napoleon won the war and was on his way to attack England.  He then began selling his own securities as if in a panic, so the other investors began to sell too.  What they did not know is that Rothschild's agents were buying their securities.  In that one day Rothschild made millions of pounds, and literally bought control of England and it's bank. 

It was, and still is, widely know that the wealth of the Rothschild's was built on the bankruptcy of nations.  Eventually, other wealthy families were allowed to join the club, predominantly John D. Rockefeller and John Pierpont Morgan. 

They then turned their eye to America... 

The international bankers made several attempts in the late 1700s to establish a central bank in America.  However, the colonists wanted nothing to do with it, and the likes of Thomas Jefferson, then Andrew Jackson lobbies vehemently against the bankers.  To quote Jackson "You are a den of vipers.  I intend to wipe you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out...If people only understood the rank injustice of the money and banking system, there would be a revolution by morning." 

Unable to get established in America, the bankers conspired to disrupt the US by planning the civil war.  The Rothschilds, who were heavily active in the slave trade, used slavery as a 'divide and conquer' strategy to split the US in two.  The Bank of England financed the North, while the Paris Rothschild bank funded the South.  Eventually, in 1863, in an attempt to stabilize the country the National Banking Act was passed, despite the protest by President Lincoln, allowing the bankers, a private corporation, the authority to issue American money. 

However, this was not enough, the bankers wanted a true central bank, that would force all private banks, and the government to borrow all funds required only from the central bank.  This would give them complete and absolute control of all money in America.  So, the cartel eventually 'enticed' the unscrupulous Woodrow Wilson and Congress to sign and pass the bill titled the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  This act gave the now new Federal Reserve the right to create (from nothing) American money as debt to American banks, the American government, and American citizens. 

It only took 25 years for the Fed to bankrupt the US the first time (in 1938).  Currently, here in 2014 the American national debt is over $17 TRILLION, and the American people are paying about $300 BILLION per year in interest.
No laughing matter...

Seriously, one of the most controversial, conspiracy theory inspiring, coverups in history was the assassination of President Kennedy.  Kennedy had printed $4 billion worth of non-interest bearing money in an attempt to begin the abolishment of the Fed.  This quote is from Kennedy's final speech..." There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child.  Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."  7 days later, Kennedy was assassinated.  As soon as Johnson took over, he recalled all of the debt free notes...all you need do is follow the trail of the money. 

In fact, if you continue to follow the money trail, you will find that ownership of all of the world's major media businesses, energy/oil business, drug/pharmaceutical industry, and educational institutions can be linked back to the shareholders of the Fed.  Keep following the money trails and there are links to every major war in recent history... 

However, the main topic to be covered in this post was the history of the Fed...the rest; fodder for another day...

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