Friday, 6 December 2013

Human Origin Revealed

“There Once Was a Man from Nantucket...”

As all good stories, let’s start at the beginning.  So you think you know human history...after all it’s a given, right?  Well guess again. 

In much of my research, the answers started to come together by linking the information discovered in ancient texts including the Nag Hammadi texts, the Dead Sea scrolls, the holy texts of the major old religions, and the stories of scattered ancient cultures.  The final tool that definitively links all of these sources and fills many of the holes in that information are the myriad of clay tablets discovered in the Mesopotamian region written in ancient Sumerian cuneiform script.  Many conservative scholars and religious leaders have defined this information as mythology or fiction, especially if they have a personal reason to disregard anything that may put their beliefs in question.  However, authors, scholars, and researchers who are willing to look at the information without the blinders of religious dogma have recognized that there is more here than initially meets the eye.  The Sumerian tablets have been dated to over 4500 years old.  They give the first thorough accounts of the entire history of the rise of civilisations on Earth.  Many scholars consider them to be the progenitors of the ancient religious texts (Bible, Vedas/Upanashids, Tanakh/Talmud).  But hold on, the information is not what you might expect; it takes everything we have been taught and turns it on its head.

Researchers like Erich von Daniken, Paul von Ward, Georgio Tsoukalos, Charles Hapgood, and Graham Hancock have truly popularised the concept of extra-terrestrial activity on Earth in our prehistoric past, but the true godfather of this area that really worked to tie everything together is Zecharia Sitchin.  Sitchin is recognized as the best translator of this material in the world.  Over the last 30 years Sitchin has published several books dealing with the content of Sumerian tablets and the truth behind them.  Researcher and author Michael Tellinger has made it his life’s work to carry on Stichin’s legacy and Tellinger summarizes much of Sitchin’s work wonderfully in his book Slave Species of God.  The growing mound of evidence from so many sources and so many cultures now shines a clear light on who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.  And the evidence has reached such a critical mass, and is so vivid and compelling it is silencing even the narrowest minded critics.


So now, in the interest of keeping the information relevant I will present the major points, and present it as a story rather than as scientific or archeological text.  As such, we will be summarizing a story so fantastic it could be the next blockbuster epic movie, revealing new information so fantastic your first impulse may be to declare it impossible, or even to block it out.  However, this is where the answers start.  So, let’s start, from the very beginning...

The Sumerian tablets chronicle events from as far back as 500 000 years ago.  They lay out the story of the Anunnaki, a race of astronauts and explorers who came to earth from their planet Nibiru in search of gold to help mend their planets failing atmosphere.  The tablets refer to the highly elliptical orbit of Nibiru as being 1 Shar, which is equal to 3 600 Earth years.  At its apogee it is 5 times as far as Pluto from the Sun like many of the long term comets we see every few thousand years.

“In the Olden Times the gods came to Earth and created the Earthlings.  In the Prior Times, none of the gods was on the Earth, nor were the Earthlings yet fashioned.  In the Prior Times, the abode of the gods was on their own planet; Nibiru is its name.”

I warned you that you were in for an eyebrow raiser!!  And we are just getting started!
Hang in there!!  We will carry on next post! 


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