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Human Origin Revealed 2

And so the story on the tablets continues...
“A red planet, reddish in radiance; around the sun an elongated circuit Nibiru makes.”
The Anunnaki were technologically advanced, and they had cracked the genetic code having a clear understanding of how DNA could be manipulated.  However, they did not appear to be any more advanced than we are now when it comes to morals and ethics.  They fought and they fornicated.  They waged wars over seemingly petty issues; possibly to the detriment of their own planet. 
“The nation of the north against the nation of the south took up arms...A war long and fierce engulfed the planet...there was death and destruction both north and south...for many circuits desolation reigned; all life was diminished.”
“In the atmosphere a breaching has occurred...Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield has diminished.”
“In the land strife was abundant, food and water were the land unity was gone; accusations were abundant.”
Does any of this sound eerily familiar??  The tablets continue on providing a vivid description of Nibiru’s atmosphere, and how Nibiru’s scientists had determined that powdered gold dispersed into the atmosphere would repair the damage.  “ use a metal, gold was its name.  On Nibiru it was rare; within the Hammered Bracelet it was abundant.”
They referred to the asteroid belt outside of Mars as the ‘Hammered Bracelet’.  They knew that there was gold in the Hammered Bracelet and on Earth.  However, mining in the Hammered Bracelet was very dangerous, as was trying to navigate through it to get to Earth.  The tablets depict a mission to find gold via “celestial boats” but “By the Hammered Bracelet the boats were crushed.” 
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Due to the mission failure king (the Anunnaki practiced kingship which explains its origin on Earth) Alalu was deposed.  In a final attempt to show he was worthy Alalu stole a space ship and headed towards the Hammered Bracelet.  “To the place of celestial chariots he hurriedly went, into a missile throwing chariot Alalu climbed, the commander’s seat he occupied.  That-which-shows-the-way he lit up.  The fire stones he stirred up; their hum like music was.  Unbeknown to others, in the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped.”  The Nibiruans had never managed to travel through the asteroid belt before but in a strange twist of fate, Alalu was able to make it through.  The tablets describe his journey vividly.
“Riding like an eagle, Alalu the heavens scanned; Below, Nibiru was a ball in a voidness hanging.  He looked again, Nibiru’s great ball turned into a small fruit.  The next time he looked, in the wide dark see Nibiru disappeared.”  Then these almost 5 000 year old texts describe perfectly the planets in order as he made his way from outside the solar system in toward the Hammered Bracelet.  Then the texts describe how Alalu made it through the belt by using “death-dealing missiles” to blast a way through.  “Like a spell the Hammered Bracelet a doorway to the king it opened.”  Then Alalu made his way past the “red-brown planet” Mars and the ‘snow-hued Earth appeared, the seventh in the celestial count.”  “The beam that penetrates downwards he directed, Earth’s innards to detect.”  “Gold, much gold, the beam has indicated.”
Alalu stepped out with his “Eagle’s Helmet” and was amazed to find the air was breathable and the protecting “Fish’s suit” and “Eagle’s Helmet” were not necessary.  “No sound there was.  Alone on an alien planet he stood.”
Alalu found gold on the oceans and rivers and sent an urgent message to Nibiru. “The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up. Then to Nibiru words he uttered. On another world I am. The gold of salvation I have found.”  (I am not sure why they spoke like Yoda but who am I to judge?)


The residents of Nibiru were astounded to hear that Alalu was alive. But they wanted to insure that there was sufficient gold to solve their atmosphere problem. “If gold he indeed has found, proof of that is needed. Is it for protecting our atmosphere sufficient?” 
“Of the Tester its crystal innards he removed, from the Sampler its crystal heart he took out. Into the Speaker he the crystals inserted, all the findings to transmit.”  Everyone on Nibiru was amazed at the proof of gold and the tablets give a detailed description of the planning of a mission to Earth.
The tablets then provide description of the voyage to Earth, including vivid descriptions of the planets and the hazardous passage through the asteroid belt. “Beyond the fifth planet the Hammered Bracelet was lurking. Toward the host of turning boulders the chariot was rushing. The word by Ea (Ea was one of the leaders of the mission, a son of king Anu, and an accomplished scientist) was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust.”  Water was used to move the asteroids rather than explosive weapons which would create dangerous fragments. “And then the path was clear. Unharmed the chariot could continue.” 
However, now their water supplies were depleted but they detected water on Mars, so they landed on Mars to replenish.  They noted that the water was good for drinking, but Mars’ air was insufficient for breathing, so they needed their “Eagle’s helmets”.
The tablets continue on to describe the remainder of the trip to Earth, describing Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.  “The Earth’s pulling net too powerful for on dry land to descend.”  So they splashed down in the sea where the Persian Gulf is today.  “Alalu toward him came running.  Welcome to a different planet Alalu to Ea said.”
“On a life or death mission we have come; in our hands is Nibiru’s fate.”  The tablets describe how, over the next six days, Ea’s team of 50 set up camp, recorded edible plants and various creatures, set traps for meat, built boats, and brought the “Beam That Kills” from the chariot.  The new city would be called Eridu. 
Then “On the seventh day the heroes in the encampment were assembled, to them Ea spoke these words: A hazardous journey we have undertaken.  At Earth with success we arrived, much good we attained, an encampment we established.  Let this day be a day of rest.  The seventh day hereafter a day of resting always to be.”  Ever wonder where the bible got the ‘rest on the seventh day’ idea from?
The Nibiruans were fascinated with Earth’s short days and nights, and with the moon and its orbits.  Then the tablets go into lengthy detail of the methods used to detect, extract, and mine gold over the next Shar (3600 years) awaiting Nibiru’s return.  Then they loaded the gold and launched, and the tablets describe the trip back to Nibiru in great detail, and how the gold was used to repair the atmosphere of Nibiru.  However, they realized that they needed much more gold to deal with the full extent of the damage.  Due to the size of the operation Ea’s brother Enlil was dispatched to help him.
Together they detected rich gold deposits in southern Africa.  “Where the landmass the shape of a heart was given, in the lower parts thereof, golden veins from Earth’s innards were abundant.”  Anu determined that Enlil would oversee the base camp at Eridu, and Ea would oversee the mining at ‘Abzu’, south Africa.  This caused some friction between the brothers.  Ea wanted to stay at Eridu and establish a new “home of the Upright Ones” as a spaceport and command centre to be called Edin.  So they drew lots to decide their fate and Ea drew the mining operation.  To assuage Ea, Anu pronounced that he would now be known as Enki, “Earth’s Master”.
So the mining and shipping operations started anew.  This time they planned a way station on Mars, because the gravity on Mars is less than Earth’s.  This allowed them to send small shipments on the short trip to Mars, then fewer larger shipments on the long trek from Mars to Nibiru.  The texts discuss much regarding the activity of the Anunnaki on Mars, which makes one wonder if NASA will find (or has found?) signs of intelligent life on Mars.
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Now, the tablets also include extensive information regarding the Anunnaki culture, technology, and way of life, but in the interest of context (not to mention my limited typing speed) I am not including that detail.
What is pertinent is that the tablets discuss the technology used in mining, and the technology Enlil used to excavate and quarry rocks to build structures in Edin.  The tablets also discuss how the Anunnaki disliked the heat on Earth.  There were 600 Anunnaki on Earth; there were now 300 on Mars who were called the Igigi.
However, as the operation continued both the Anunnaki working in the Abzu and the Igigi working on Mars became restless and began complaining of the extended hard labour they were enduring.  In fact, the leader of the Igigi staged a rebellion of sorts, that Enlil’s eldest son Ninurta was dispatched to quash...which he did.  Then Marduk, Enki’s eldest son, was appointed commander of Mars.
However, the Anunnaki working in the Abzu also rebelled...en masse.  They burned their tools, and staged a sit-in at Enlil’s house.  “The Anunnaki stand together.  Every one of us hostilities has declared.  Excessive is our toil, our work is heavy, great is the distress.”
And then what follows is the most important occurrence in human history.  Remember that this was recorded 4500 years ago, recording events from over 350 000 years ago.
The Anunnaki on Earth and on Nibiru negotiated to explore solutions because it was clear that the survival of Nibiru depended on it.  “The gold must be obtained...the work must continue”.  The tablets made note of Enki’s scientific prowess, and how he had recruited his son Ningishzidda to set up a lab to study the genetic makeup of Earth’s wildlife.  So together, Enki and Ningishzidda presented a proposal to the current problem.  “Let us create a Lulu, a Primitive Worker the hardship work to take over.  Let the Being the toil of the Anunnaki carry on his back.”
The Anunnaki in the council did not believe that a being could be created, and Ninmah (Enlil and Enki’s sister) who was a nurse, explained that only evolution could create a new species.  “One being from another over aeons did develop, non from nothing ever came.”  Enki agreed but stated, “The being that we need already exists.  All that we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence.  A primitive worker shall be created.  They walk erect on two legs.  Their forelegs they use as arms, with hands they are provided.  They know not dressing in garments.  Shaggy with hair is their whole body.  With gazelle they jostle, with teeming creatures in the water they delight.”  Enki was describing the being we now call Homo erectus. 

Enlil was extremely opposed to the idea, as creating a new species was prohibited.  “Creation in the hands of the Father of All Beginning alone is held...Let us with wisdom new tools fashion, not new beings create.”  Much deliberation followed.  Would the Father of All Beginning (God) have given them this knowledge if God did not want them to use it?  (Sounds like trying to legitimize their decision.)  “What knowledge we possess, its use cannot now be prevented.”  They even waxed philosophical.  “Is it destiny, or is it Fate, that to this planet us has brought?”
In the end a council of elders from Nibiru decreed that a team led by Enki, Ninmah, and Ningishzidda would create a primitive worker.  And so it began, however it took years and many, many attempts at cloning, DNA splicing, and invitro fertilization.  “The two entwined strands separate and combine an offspring to fashion.  To receive our essence in graduation, Nibiru’s essence only bit by bit could be attempted.”  “In a crystal vessel Ninmah the admixture was preparing, the oval of a female two-legged she gently placed.  With Anunnaki seed containing, she the oval impregnated.  The oval back into the womb of the two-legged female she inserted.”  However, every attempt resulted in deformed offspring.  Then Enki suggested inserting the fertilised egg into an Anunnaki rather than an Earth female.  Ninmah volunteered.  “The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah was inserted; there was conception.”  Finally, they had achieved their goal; a perfect human baby was born.  “Shaggy like the wild ones he was not.  Dark black his head hair was.  Smooth was his skin, smooth as the Anunnnaki skin it was.  Like dark red blood was its colour, like the clay of the Abzu was its hue.”



The information goes on, “Unlike that of the Anunnaki malehood it was, a skin from its forepart was hanging.  Let the earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished.”  And they called the new creature ‘Adamu’, “One Who Like Earth’s Clay Is”.  “Ninmah cast her hand upon the newborn’s body, with her fingers his dark red skin she caressed.”  It is interesting to note that the Anunnaki noted the dark the tablets describe the Anunnaki as very tall, very pale, with blond hair and blue eyes. 
So how much does this information turn the proverbial Biblical applecart on its head??  Remember that these tablets are over 2000 years older than the Bible.  These tablets represent the oldest, most detailed, written description of human origin.
And they go on.  One creature does not a work force make; they had to multiply this baby many times.  Seven Anunnaki females volunteered to become surrogate mothers.  Again the tablets go into detail on how the seven birth mothers were each impregnated with fertilised eggs based on the Adamu’s DNA.
However, Enki realised that this lengthy process would not be sufficient to create a work force.  He endeavoured to create a female Adamu.  “For males’ counterparts to be, let them know each other.  As one flesh the two to become.  Let them by themselves procreate, by themselves give birth, Anunnake females to relieve.”  This time Enki’s spouse Ninki offered to be the surrogate, and to her the first female earthling was born.  “Her skin smooth was, as that of the Anunnaki in smoothness and colour it was.”  Is it interesting to note that the first female was lighter coloured than Adamu?  They caller her Ti-Amat (Mother of Life), and so they created another seven females from the Anunnaki birth mothers. “Let the males the females inseminate, let the primitive workers by themselves offspring to beget.”  But there was a problem.
The new species was not successful in procreating.  It is fascinating to read how the tablets describe how that Enki and Ningishzidda did genetic testing to discover that the new species only had 22 chromosomes, not including the X and Y sex chromosomes; and that was why the new species could not procreate.  Let us remind ourselves that this was written 4 500 years ago!   “Like two enrtwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated.  Aranged like twenty two branches on a Tree of Life were the essence.  The ability to procreate they did not include.”  Ningishzidda extracted the missing “sex-essence” from Enki and Ninmah, and implanted it into Adamu and Ti-Amat.  “To their Tree of Life two branches have been added.  With procreating powers their life essence are now entwined.”  With that, humans now had 23 pairs of chromosomes.
However, now a little bit of drama ensues (no, an episode of ‘Dallas’ was not found in the tablets...although that series does seem to live forever...).  Actually a lot of drama ensues, and the tablets go on to make sense out of much of the non-sense many of religions and much of our ancient history is based on.


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