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“The reason I talk to myself is because I am the only one whose answers I accept” – George Carlin

The Questions; The Lies; The Problem

Most of us, at some point, question the meaning of life, and some even question the answers and fundamental ‘truths’ that our ‘leaders’ give us.  The problem is many of these answers don’t make any logical sense.  But most of us just nod, and then go on with our daily lives, our pursuit of the dream encompassing our reality.  However, in growing numbers, more people are becoming aware, and realizing that our world is gobbledygook (what the hell is that??  Exactly!!).

For me, the questions started early...when mom used to walk me to school (we were in the same grade...just kidding...she was actually a teacher).  First it was religion, growing up Roman Catholic...and the nagging feeling that something just seemed a little off about it all (no altar boy jokes here please...thank you).  For example, ‘If God is a loving god then why did he kill so many people?  Why did he lead people to kill people?  Why did he have favorites?  Why was he afraid of other gods?  Why...’.  Then there was history with so many unanswered gaps...’Why is there no record that clearly explains where we came from?’.  This included archeology with no reasonable explanation for the pyramids, sphinx, Stonehenge...and the fact that nobody had the answers.  At least, nobody had answers that made any sense;  I was a young skeptic.

So, all of the wondering got me wondering.  Life’s mysteries needed answers, and I wasn’t buying what answers I was getting.  Being of north American native background I searched here first.  Traditionally, native beliefs are that our origins are from star beings.  That we were created by people who came from the stars and that the star people continue to visit and take care of us.  Native culture also believes that the earth, moon, and elements of nature all have spirits that we can interact with.  However all of this only resulted in more questions for me.

A friend suggested that I check out Art Bell’s radio show Coast to Coast AM...and that was when I first discovered that so many other people were asking the same questions I was.  First, the fascinating story of Whitley Strieber grabbed my attention...but while his series of books amazed me, the whole abduction phenomena only raised more questions (and also scared the hell out of me!!  It was bad enough to find out my dentist shouldn’t do rectal-digital exams.)  Since then I have read thousands of research papers and hundreds of books.  I have watched videos and recordings.  I have studied countless hours to filter the pooh (not Winnie...that’s a different pooh) from facts.  I still don’t have all of the answers, but I am discovering them; at least answers that make much more sense than what has been spewed at us.

 In my quest for answers I have found that many of our deepset ‘truths’ are set in what we have been taught as ancient history, of all places.  The danger with history is that our perception of it shapes our present reality.  As such, historians (including archeologists) play a key role in this.  They become custodians of the past and shape our current belief system with their version of those prehistoric images.  However, this means if they get wrong, we all get it wrong...and the problem is we never question it.  And I am sorry to say, they often get it wrong!!  Just take a 50 year old history book, and see how those historic events were presented compared to how we see them now.  The difference is laughable!!  So do we just bury our heads in these historical mistruths??


The point is that if we get so mired in our mundane day-to-day activities that we never stand up and take notice of what is being thrown at us, these mistruths get carved into our subconscious where they form the basis of our reality...our individual reality, which forms our cultural reality, onto our global reality.



Today we are being told that humans have been present on earth for 6000 years; that we did not coexist with the dinosaurs; that we are the product of evolution and descendant of the apes, that we built the pyramids...and so on.  Do we bury our senses in the rhino’s hiney, or do we wonder, and question and discover?


Unfortunately history is the mother of government and religion.  Both of these sisters have been keeping secrets and telling lies as long as humankind has been on earth.  (Easy now...I’m just a skeptic, not a cultist.)


OK, maybe this last pic is uncalled for...but it’s funny, and it was time for a humorous interlude.

Now, back to our original programming (pun intended).

Science is also guilty.  Too often, scientific discoveries are based on speculation, or worse, blind faith; then proclaimed to be rock solid fact.  At one time the world was believed to be flat, and the earth was believed to be the centre of the universe.  There are actual publications from our history stating such ‘facts’.  Just a hundred years ago people were told by scientists that man would never fly.  Then when the Wright brothers went to prove them wrong at Kitty Hawk, the leading physicists refused to attend, proclaiming the impossibility.  Is this kind of thinking still going on today??

Today we are being told that there is no such thing as free energy, there is no power in the human mind, cold fusion is impossible, as is teleportation, or time travel; there is truth in naturopathy or in faith...and so on.  Do we believe what we are told without  question, or do we raise a skeptical eyebrow?  Do we keep the rhino busy, or do we wonder, and question, and discover?

Then there is Big Business...aka, Capitalism, the basis of which is our financial system.  Big Business openly lies to us every day, and we eagerly accept every lie.  Your first reaction may be, “Whaddaya mean”?  Actually listen to the next commercial (yes, any commercial).  Obviously, you need that ‘thing’ (automobile, absorbent towel, fast food) to make your life worthy.  OK, sorry...now I am starting to sound too ‘cultist’.

The truth is, we are lemmings.  We want to be led, we want to believe, we want to be worthy.  Why is this?  (There is a reason!)  However, most of us are content to keep our heads buried.  The problem is as long as we keep our heads buried, we will never get the real answers, and without them we live without learning and growing; living a life devoid of the meaning we seek.  The other problem is, the longer we keep our heads buried, the proverbial rhino gets more chafed.  At some point he is going to get angry, and when he does, I don’t want to be around!

So, let’s learn us some answers!

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