So look where you wandered into!  What is it exactly??  Well a brief synopsis of what is within.  It's really an alternative view of our world...a step back from the daily, mundane, repeated rhetoric of our every day.  It's a bit off the trail...out of the fog, away from the matrix, the false reality we have been programmed to believe...of work - eat - consume - sleep - repeat.  All mixed with enough of off the cuff humour to make it palatable (a spoonful of sugar??)...simply follow the tabs in the header to dive into the rabbit hole...

The 'Introduction' tab will give you more of an idea what to expect and a better idea of my writing style (or lack of style).

'Human History' will cover new-ish discoveries about our past.  Regardless of what school and church may have taught us, there is no real definitive, concrete information about where we really came from, is there??  We delve to seek it here...

'Consciousness' dares to explain things like Quantum Physics, Psychology, the power of the human mind, and spirit; and how all of this my affect our reality, or at least our perception.  (Yeah...pretty deep, eh?....It gets better!).

'Health & Nature' kind of speaks for itself.  Here we attempt to explain natures place in our world, and how it may be possible for us to interact with nature in a way to make our lives, and our world a better, healthier place for all.

'Alternative Stuff' is a catch-all, to cover whatever is, religion, politics, big business, economy, finance, space, ufo/alien topics...we will dance on the edge of conspiracy here.

So...welcome!!  The best place to start is on the 'Introduction' tab.  So strap in, sit back, open your mind (Quaaaiiiid!!!...OK, sorry...bad 80's reference there.) and enjoy the ride!!

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